7 Pregnancy Shaving Tips

Shaving legs can be such a burden for women, and an even bigger one for pregnant women. Actually, some of them even wipe off the thought of doing it from their heads, telling themselves that it is just not worth the struggle… Are you feeling concerned by this? Then, continue reading. 

If it is winter time, you might be comfortable with it, a lot of women do not even bother themselves shaving considering all the thick woolen clothes they hide in. However, if it is summer time, you want to feel all dolled up and wear your light dresses that will look good on you even with your belly popping. Hiding behind big clothes in such good sunny weather will only let your hormones take over and make you feel miserable. 

But here we are, to the rescue. If you are ready to handle a little bit of difficulty, we have seven shaving tips that will certainly get you ready and help you out! 

Buy the Best Stuff Out There :

Why use a dull razor when you can spoil yourself and buy the best products? Go out, pick the best razor there is with fresh new clean blades. If you want to shave multiple times, use a new razor each time, or at least replace it as often as you can. 

You do not only need a new razor, but also a really soft shaving gel, instead of settling for your husband’s shaving cream or any other random cream you have. More importantly, your skin during pregnancy is more sensitive than usual. So, do not go for a dry shave. The last thing you want to risk is skin rashes. Not only you will make yourself feel all pampered, but you will also avoid the little small cuts that are no fun to treat. 

Breathe! And, Take Your Time :

Shaving as a pregnant woman is no piece of cake. It will take a lot of time and patience. 

Why the rush? Go in slowly and carefully and spend as much time as you need. 

Old is Gold :

Now that your skin is sensitive, you do not want to start experimenting with different skin products and after-shave lotions. Avoid new products with unfamiliar ingredients and stick to your regular after shaving lotion, that you know will do your skin good and prevent its irritation. You can also try wetting a clean washcloth with cool water and apply it on your legs after shaving. A simple and very effective way to reduce the discomfort and redness it comes with. 

Mandatory Support System 

One of the most common pregnancy side effects are headaches and dizziness. You certainly do not want to get injured and want to put your safety and the baby’s first. Being alert is actually simple. Avoid standing when you are shaving. Bring a chair or use anything sturdy enough to sit on. If you are feeling like losing your balance, change your position, or lie down immediately until you feel better. 

Have a Bath Right Before :

Hot showers are to avoid. They lower your blood pressure and can easily make you feel lightheaded and dizzy. However, a nice warm bath is always a good idea. Not only it will get you rid off pregnancy pain and give you extreme relief of anxiety, but it will also make your skin really soft and easy to shave. 

Mirror, Mirror! :

As your belly grows, you will have less vision of everything below it, until it becomes almost impossible when your due date is close. If you are looking for a bit more vision, a hand-held mirror can be really useful and will help you get the task done. 

Ask For Help :

If you prefer the easy way, you can simply go to a salon. But make sure it is a reputable one that uses clean material and techniques. 

Or, you can also rely on a close member or friend that is ready to help. Husbands or partners can be really great to shave legs and they have no right to reject anything that relieves you from your suffering, so take advantage of that! 

We hope that these tips will make your experience less miserable next time you will be shaving. 

Just remember, there is no harm or shame in not shaving and there is no reason to force it on yourself if you are not feeling like it. A lot of cultures have different feelings of shaving in general and body hair shaming has come a long way. The important thing is your comfort and well-being.