Early Pregnancy Bloating: Why and how we can get rid of it

A few weeks pregnant but having a belly like an 8 month old pregnant lady. Does that make you feel uncomfortable, scared and even wondering what’s really happening with you? Well, there is nothing to worry about it’s called the early pregnancy bloating. In this article we will explain to you everything that leads to it and how you can deal with it.

It’s true that you might be only 6-7 weeks, but yet you look like you only a couple weeks away from having your baby, I know it’s a bit confusing and even embarrassing. Just yesterday you had a pretty stomach and two days later it’s totally the contradiction, a big belly and all of a sudden you look not just pregnant but also only few weeks from having that lovely baby.

Just to be clear there is absolutely nothing wrong about having a bloated belly, it might just make some wonderful ladies feel unsecured and worry about their babies and their health.

As we said before having a six month belly, when you are only a few weeks in your pregnancy journey always creates a big confusing not just with but also in your entourage. Even your husband might wonder what the heck is going, is she okay, and if there is anything wrong with the baby. Loads of question will start to come and go, and to stop all that, everything start with you understanding what is really going on.

Well the early pregnancy bloating is extremely normal and very common, statistics shows that in every 10 pregnant women 4-5 might have an early pregnancy bloating. Although that it’s a bit common but in case it comes with diarrhea, bloody stool, severe abdominal pain or other painful symptoms, then it might need some medical care as soon as possible. The thing is most of our beautiful pregnant ladies don’t know what causes them that, one of the most known reasons of early pregnancy bloating is:

1-   Hormones:

As we all know that in the period of pregnancy the level of hormones changes quite a lot in your bodies’ ladies, which might eventually leads to having a bloated belly.

2-  Gas:

Another reason for having an early pregnancy bloating is that your body produces more GAS, caused by having more of a hormone called Progesterone, this hormone makes your body muscles to relax including your digestive system, which eventually causes you to have more Gases.

3-  Constipation:

Another problem caused by having more Progesterone hormone produced in your body. The thing is that it relaxes the muscles including your digestive tract, plus the baby getting some extra water from the mom which eventually leads to constipation and of course an early pregnancy bloating.

4-    Uterus swelling

Another reason that might lead to having a bloated belly during pregnancy is the Uterus swelling.

Well, now that we discovered some of the reasons that might cause you to have an early bloating pregnancy, the next wise step is to help, to get rid of it at least for a few weeks before your belly gets big, but this time not because of the bloated belly but because of the baby getting big. I have some great news for you, there are a few things that you can do and that will definitely help you to lose that floated belly.

1-      Drink water:

Yeah one of the most effective solutions that doesn’t need almost any efforts is Drinking More Water, why? Well it’s quite simple your baby consume their needs of water from you, and let’s not forget about the hormones. All that can cause your body to lose more water than the usual. So make sure you drink as much as possible it’s very benefic.

2-      Exercise:

I know that even in the normal situation, most people don’t really like to exercise, but in your case you beautiful lady, there nothing better than having a few session of exercising each week. You don’t need to put much pressure on your body and your baby, just go soft and exercise more (20-30 minutes at the gym, or just going on a long walk can help).

3-      Watch your food:

You can try having more food that’s rich with fibers, and of course try to avoid greasy food. So you should increase your fiber intake by having more green food and try to make different juices it will help you a lot to make your bloat disappear.

4-      Other ideas:

You can try having YOGA, as it helps to relax and avoid stress, eat well (well doesn’t mean a lot it means having good quality food).

Eat more protein and try to manage your pregnancy constipation. And let’s not forget to pull out the pregnancy pants (comfort is everything).

As a last thing and as we mentioned before there is nothing wrong with you having an early pregnancy bloating, it’s totally normal. Be happy and proud of yourself you beautiful strong lady.